Better use of Memoization JavaScript

Referring to the post Generating Unique Strings (Ids) in JavaScript where we looked at how to generate unique strings in JavaScript. Also I mentioned the performance and memory issues with the approach. So, here we are going to look a much better use or application of Memoization, but we won't be using it for generating unique strings. We will be … Continue reading Better use of Memoization JavaScript


Generating Unique Strings (Ids) in JavaScript

Well, there are tools in JavaScript that allow you to create unique ids or strings. I will be using to two ideas to create these unique strings. Method 1: Memoization The idea is to generate some random string and checking if it has already been generated the recursively generate another one and test again. If … Continue reading Generating Unique Strings (Ids) in JavaScript

Two Dimensional Arrays in JavaScript

JavaScript does not provide any direct notion of creating multi dimensional arrays as provided by languages like, C and Java. But there are ways to solve this problem and create a multi dimensional array. Below we are trying to create a two dimensional array. The idea is simple and can be applied to create arrays … Continue reading Two Dimensional Arrays in JavaScript

Best Resources For Web Developers and Learners

As a Web Developer I have come across some of the best online resources(blogs and websites from very good developers and Organizations) for Self Learners and Enthusiasts about web development. The list starts here: 1.) John Resig: You definitely don't want to miss his book Secrets of the JS Ninja 2.) MDN: Every … Continue reading Best Resources For Web Developers and Learners