Best Resources For Web Developers and Learners

As a Web Developer I have come across some of the best online resources(blogs and websites from very good developers and Organizations) for Self Learners and Enthusiasts about web development.
The list starts here:

1.) John Resig: You definitely don’t want to miss his book Secrets of the JS Ninja

2.) MDN: Every thing for a web developer’s needs and demos(My personal favorite)

3.) Quirks Mode: Cross browser and compatibility issues

4.) Ben Nadel: For Latest web technologies AngularJS

5.) Digital Inspiration: How to guides and Tutorials

6.) Position-Absolute: Latest Web related technologies

7.) Cango Js: Amazing Library for creating interactive 2D and 3D objects in HTML5 Canvas

8.) KineticJS: Another amazing framework/library for interactive Canvas objects

9.) HTML5Test: Check you browser support for latest HTML5 features

There is something for everyone’s taste and interest in this list. Hope you all like it.


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