The College on Mountains-GBPEC

GBPEC (Pauri) – Thats what we or should I say “everyone” calls it.

Thats Where I Lived and Learned


I don’t need to say how one would feel if one studies at this place, the picture says it all.
I (probable most of the college students) still don’t know the person who captured this amazing scene.

Other than this amazing weather I tried to list some of the small but really pretty nice things that make my college awesome.
Here are they:

  • The Campus Shop: You can get almost everything you need for a hostel life: stationary, ice-creams(in super chilled weather), and two of the most important things buckets room heaters
    The best memories I can re-collect from this campus shop are “being called and interrogated by the seniors” and “college girls in their cool casuals
  • The Post Office: This is probably the mean of getting money sending application forms and getting money. Some times we also got Ubuntu CDs which we ordered on-line absolutely free of cost.
  • The Anand Valley: This was the place of breakups and makeups and new love birds of the college and a party place for decent guys. The Magi and the Mutter Paneer I still can’t forget.
  • The Temple: This was probably on the highest peak in the college. First year boys cleaning it(seniors used to make only us do this) and girls preparing and decorating it. Boys come to this temple to get a glimpse of their crushes. The night long Janmashtmi Pooja everyone loved it.
  • Durga Restaurant: This is the place right in the beginning of the way from main road to college. Parties, night long pool games with seniors and friends was amazing. This is the place I came to know most of my seniors.
  • and Auditorium (best known as Audi): The first place of getting started: orientation, seniors, teachers, new unknowns(became friends later), celebrations, dance, acting, love proposals, rejections, flirts too etc. etc. almost everything starts here.

Here is another amazing view of the college captured on the same day as the one above:

Another amazing view

Simply saying an amazingly crafted place to spend your life.

Those days have passed but memories you can’t avoid them, sorry who wants to avoid them!


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