Two Smiling Faces: And We Are Trapped

One smiling face: Medical institutions
Two smiling faces: Technical institutions
Group photo: Management Colleges

ABC Group of institutions, XYZ Group of schools

Remember these advertisements. These can easily be spotted on roadside or in the market with a few smiling faces in them. They generally present to you, some educational institution, be it technical, management or related to medical studies.
No doubt, there are several very good and highly prestigious institutions but there are several bad ones too and these bad ones are just for trapping you, your money and most importantly your years of life.
Beware of them.

Rapidly developing nations like India are facing this kind of problems.
You could see advertisements of a new college, group of colleges or universities being established everyday.
Most of them don’t even have any government recognition or any affiliations.
And do you know what is the fun part it: to avoid any such requirements for the government recognition or affiliation they declare themselves as “Deemed Universities”.
In the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in only the Northern part of India, you can see a big bunch of institutes opening and closing everyday.

They make several claims but in reality when you actually go ahead and take admission there, then only you see the reality. The most common ones are unrealistic and unreasonable number and amount of fines, the fee structures, various other types of fee, and the worst one “Placement Fee”.
The best thing they provide is the placement guaranty, but do you know the salary 4000 of 5000 INR and that too with a big, heavy, and lorn term(2-5 years) bond to be signed between the students and the employers.
They also give several offers to attract you like laptop and free use of WiFi Internet etc.
Don’t you think how pathetic is that. But you might not know the actual situation, unless you go and talk to any of the current or passed student of any of these institutions.

This is not just a thought of mine but a real life experience. I have met several such  students, and after meeting them I really feel lucky that somehow I escaped these traps.
Just one wrong decision and your whole career(at least educational career) is ruined.
So next time you see such advertisements don’t be fooled and thoroughly do a research on these institutions and the then make a decision.

The best way to know an institution is you directly try to communicate with the alumni of the  institute, but still here is a list of few things that one should check before making any decision:
1.) Check if the institute is recognized by any Government body or not. You can get this information on the websites of Ministry of Education in your country or state.
2.) Check if they are affiliated to any government recognized universities of not. Again, for this you can see the websites of the universities or educational body that the college/institute claims to be affiliated with.
3.) Check their placement records. For this students should definitely not go for the information provided by the institute but by talking to the alumni or to the students of current final year.
4.) Check the number of years the institute has been operating and providing education.

What can be the best place to gather all this information other Internet. Furthermore, its good to take advice from the people(may be someone in your relatives, in your locality, a friend of yours or someone in the relatives of your friend.) who have got the education that you are looking for.

So don’t get amazed or attracted by such advertisements or claims and make a right choice by gathering all the information till you are satisfied and then make the decision.


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