When the Middle Finger and the Thumbs Down were locked out


So here is how the situation goes:

One day the Middle Finger and the Thumbs Down were accidentally locked in a room. Tried everything to get out of the room but no help. Frustrated, tensed, and abject. They found themselves all alone with nobody around.  Thinking of their ego and superiority over each other none of the two was ready to work out for a solution or a way to get out of the room. Eventually fell into a spat accusing each other for the situation and finally, they agreed to have a conversation about their superiority and the less superior will have to look for the solution.

Below are some portions of that conversation. Now some of the readers might ask if they were alone, how did I manage to hear their conversation!! Well, if you have read the above lines carefully you should notice that “They found themselves all alone”, which doesn’t imply they were actually alone. I was just wandering there with my friends and happened to listen their talk. So just don’t ever lose your hope or you will find no way out of the problem. Also I tried to use short version of their names, so here is how I will be referring them:

MidF for Middle Finger and TDow for Thumbs Down

Now here is the conversation:

MidF: I am the new favourite of the world and you are just an outdated and OLD guy of which nobody even thinks. How are you superior to me? What have you got that I don’t have?

TDow: Well, you just said that by your self.

MidF: What did I say that makes you better than me?

TDow: You just said OLD guy.

MidF: Yes I said that, so what? How does that make you better?

TDow: Well, my friend, I accept I am OLD, but don’t you think being old means I am used by large number of people and that too for a long time span, which eventually makes me more experienced. Don’t you think so?

MidF: Aaaaah(what have I done)!!!! Okay fine, I accept you are more experienced. But do you know I am one of the most rapidly spreading gesture to show “dislike of ones actions or thoughts”.

TDow: True my friend, you are surely among the most rapidly gestures being used these days, but!!!.

MidF: But!!!! But what.

TDow: But, does it ever bother you about what the other person thinks about the person(using your gesture)?

MidF: Why should I care about what other person is thinking.

TDow: Exactly. You Don’t CARE. Lets me rephrase it for you a little “You are careless about others feelings”. This can lead to bad relations between people and sometimes even ruin them.

MidF: Aaaaah(again I did it again)!!!! So what??? What about you? What do you do to care about others feelings?

TDow: Not much. Showing a “thumb down” makes the person think a little about their action. For example, What was the reason that people didn’t like my act or speech?. 

MidF: Is that all you have got or do you have something else to add?

TDow: Nothing much, as I said “thumbs down” does not hurt others feeling, its not provocative to be displayed in public, unlike You(Middle Finger) my friend, who can be interpreted as provocative and vulgar by general public and cause a big chaos.

MidF: Okay Fine Fine….. I accept all these charges on me, but my friend don’t forget there is always another side of the coin.


To be continued….


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