Selenium: Earlier Version

Selenium RC (Remote Control)

The very first version of Selenium was called Selenium RC or Selenium Remote Control. It used a component called Selenium Server which used to act as a bridge between the scripts and the web browsers. So whenever any script is run the selenium server had to be running. The Server then injects the scripts in the browser in JavaScript form. Clearly JavaScript didn’t provide have much functionality and tasks that can be performed were limited.

Selenium Remote Control has now been officially deprecated.

Following could be taken as the reasons for its discontinuation:

  • The core engine is based on JavaScript, which has some limitations in terms of security
  • No interaction with mouse cursor (so no support for automated drag and drop)
  • Cannot test iphone/Android applications
  • Less object oriented API
  • When running individual scripts, selenium server has to be running
  • Comparatively slower, since the selenium core performs the actions
  • Every time the element has to searched and then perform interactions

Whats Is New In Webdriver

The very first version of Selenium was called selenium RC or Selenium Remote Control, which has now been officially deprecated.
The reasons for its discontinuation were follows:

  • Support for newer browsers
  • Directly interacts with the browser
  • Can interact with mouse (so provides drag and drop support)
  • Supports iphone/Android applications
  • More object-oriented API
  • Selenium Server doer not need to be running for individual scripts
  • Faster since no JavaScript is in the middle to operate
  • Page elements can be treated as object to perform multiple operations on the same element
  • Few capabilities like it can check whether the element is visible or not

Next we take a look at the components of Selenium and find out which one to use for a particular situation.


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