Installing testlink in Ubuntu

We will go step by step for installing the testlink.

We will assume that PHP, mySQL and apache server are already installed.

  • Download testlink from Sourceforge.
  • After downloading the testlink, extract it with following command:tar zxvf your_testlink_file_name.tar.gzThis will create a folder with same name. You can rename it to testlink with the following command:
    mv your_testlink_dir testlink

    move this directory i.e. testlink to you apache installatin directory i.e. /var/www

    sudo mv testlink /var/www/
  • Now from terminal go the

    directory and change the permissions of the testlink directory like this:

    sudo chmod 777 testlink

    Now you can access the testlink app in the browser with following url


  • Now, before doing anything create a directory in /var as following:
    cd /var
    sudo mkdir testlink
  • After this move the logs and the upload_area folders from the /var/www/testlink directory to /var/testlink directory like this:
    sudo mv /var/www/testlinl/logs /var/testlink/
    sudo mv /var/www/testlinl/upload_area /var/testlink/
  • Now change the permissions for these two folders:
    sudo chmod 777 /var/testlink/logs
    sudo chmod 777 /var/testlink/upload_area
  • Now form the browser you can open the localhost/testlink page.Click on the new instalation link and it will take to the next page,Check the I agree to terms check-box and click continue.
  • If everything is OK you see a continue button, otherwise you will see few errors at the bottom of the page(all these errors need to be resolved before continuing to next step).On clicking continue the next page will ask for database host, database name, table_prefix, database admin name and password and testlink admin username and password.the database admin login  and database admin password are the username and password of your mySQL admin username and password which you created while installing mySQL. Just provide these details.

    Also provide the testlink DB name and testlink DB password (admin, admin for example)

    Now click on process teslink setup button

  • That it, After few seconds your testlink setup will be done and you can login to localhost/testlink page with admin, admin as username and password.

Though, the steps mentioned above should make the testlink up and running, but if any issue occurs let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Installing testlink in Ubuntu

  1. I have done the above steps.but unable to get the test link site

    The requested URL /testlink was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80


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