My Favorite Programming Jokes

This time these jokes are specifically for programmers including Web Developers to System Programmers, Java guy or Python people. So here it is:

  1. I thought I would start this list with a serious note, but I didn’t know how everyone would React.
  2. Q. Why do Java guys wear specs?
    A. Because they can’t C#.
  3. Google doesn’t like straight lines, so they make Angular.
  4. Q. What do you call a snake that is approximately 3.14 units long?
    A. Python
  5. My wife asked me to go to the grocery store to get bread, and if they have eggs get twelve.So, I came with 12 bread packets and now she is mad; no idea why!!!
  6. Q.Four MySQL guys walk into a NoSQL bar but came out after some time.
    A. Because they couldn’t find a table.
  7. Q.How do programmers walk?
    void walk() {
  8. Q.Do you have any expertise in SQL?
    A. No I know No SQL.
  9. Q.How do functions break up?
    A. They stop calling each other.
  10. Duck duck = new Duck();

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