New Features I liked-Mail, VPN, People, Mobile Hotspot, Edge-Windows 10 Update 1079

Recently I received updates for one of my systems and running on Windows 10. The update process was really very slow. It took around 45 minutes for the updates to finish. I waited patiently. The first time I logged in after the updates finished, I was amazed by the things I saw.


The first thing I noticed was the Mail icon in my Taskbar. I can now go ahead and have all my emails at one place.



Next, I what I saw were some changes in the Edge browser, I am still exploring in it.


After that, I also saw the Peoples icon on the right side of the Taskbar. After opening it, this seems more like a one place solution for communication tools(skype, maill, etc.) provided by Microsoft. Anyways, since I already had Skype and mail I didn’t bother to explore more there.


Windows Defender

From the list of hidden icons in the Taskbar, I noticed that the Windows Defender and Service Center has also got a dedicated icon in it. It also showed the recommendations or actions that required to be performed. I felt good to be able to the start Defender easily.

Mobile Hotspot and VPN

When I expanded the Notification bar, I was really filled joy after what I saw there. It had two new action icons: Mobile Hotspot and VPN.

These two long missing pieces are finally now part of Windows. We can now create Create or connect to any VPN service and also be able to fire-up a Mobile Hotspot whenever we want.


Somehow I was convinced that this might have been one of the occasions when I felt happy after updating Windows. Surely these new additions to Windows need more time to explore about their usability and experience. There are several other optimizations/changes but these were the main items that caught my mind.


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