Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum : A Visual Treat For Brain

This one is surely for geeks, science enthusiasts, parents with children. After all who doesn’t have the curiosity to know what and how stuff is working. More than that who doesn’t miss the their lab experiments from school days. If you feel so, the VITM is one great place to be at. From high school physics to airplane, from small magnets to latest heavy engines, and from gravity to outer space. Every field of science one can possibly think of is modeled and showcased in this museum; and the best thing is, most of the models are operable i.e. how a particular concept works can be seen live by just pushing a button.

Different Departments:

Engine Hall

The Engine Hall has everything you can learn about the basic and the the very complex machines engines. You are welcomed with a roaring dummy dianosour and soon you will notice the replica of the plane built by the Wright Brothers back in 1903. When you move on you will find all the daily usage machines, tools and engines such as lever, pulley, screws, gears, aircraft engines, aeroplane, Diesel engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. As you go further and step into the basement the mesh with rolling balls will catch your eyes and curiosity.

Wind Mill
Wind Mill
Two Stroke Engine
Two Stroke Engine
Wright Brothers Flight Simulator
Wright Brothers Flight Simulator

Other than these it also features Electricity generation and distribution, several models depicting energy conversion like mechanical energy and wind energy to electrical energy etc.

The most exciting activity is the ride on the Wright Brother’s aircraft simulator in one of the corners, on which anyone can have the experience of how the Wright Brothers felt for the first time they flew their aircraft.


Fun Science

This hall has been made for those who want to learn Science in an entertaining way. It features Gravity Well, Infinity Well, Coriolis Effect, anti-gravity models, liquid painting. This floor will be mostly crowed with new age children and their parents.


Electro Technic

This is where you find all different ways of generating electricity and its distribution to consumers. Biomass, Solar Energy, Hydro power, Wind mills, Mechanical energy are few of the main attraction points here. The floor also of information about electrical safety and its usage at home. Other than that you will get to know how exactly the can be generated with the help of a dynamo and in what unnoticed areas the electricity effects our daily lives. In a corner you will find a weather studio telling about the weather forecast and you can actually stand there ab become a weather reporter.

Space Technology

All the astronomy lovers will love this floor. Visitors first make and eye contacts with a statue of Rakesh Sharma, dressed in space suit.

Rakesh Sharma Statue
Rakesh Sharma Statue

Everyone loves to have a selfie with him. On the left side of the entrance there is a model where it visualizes the Earth in space and satellite revolving around it; very mesmerizing.

Helicopter Model
Helicopter Model


Moving forward several models of aircraft and related technology are placed. Space suits models and food consumable in outer space are also there for feeding our general knowledge.Then you find a big model of rocket launching site and people love to see it.  An area consisting of India’s all major satellites scaled down replica is another place which attracts a lot of crowed. There is also an AR screen where you can go to the moon with famous astronauts. All the major contributors like, Rakesh Sharma, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Kalpna Chawla have their own sections in this department. Obviously one cannot forget to take a selfie dressed in the space suit.

Indian Satellites

Indian Satellites

Science For Children

This section is fully equipped to entertain kids and their parents as well.

Morse code
Morse code

Several animal dummies, musical instruments, video screens, flavor and smell, train compartment, AR screen for fake parachute experience, Morse Code, glass maze are few of the things to make you happy and young again.

Main Events

Tara Mandal Show

Tara Mandal show takes you to journey through space among the stars. You can see all the major stars and constellation. The orator and the organizer make you very comfortable so you enjoy this journey. The show duration is generally 15-25 mins.

The Science Show

This show is a mix of several small live experiments and their explanations. Not just kids, even the elders get amazed by these experiments.

3D-Movie Show

This is where every little kid wants to be. A 20-30 mins show consisting of educational and entertaining information and stunning 3D effects will make the movie come alive.

Science on Sphere Show

This one is for grown ups and teenagers who love Earth. As the name suggests, it its actually based on an spherical looking object: the Earth. When the lights are turned off and the Earth replica lights up; its a view to remember. Filled with several unknown and interesting facts about the Earth.


To be truthful one day is not enough for covering all the floors. I also missed one or two.


About Visvesvaraya

M Visvesvaraya
M Visvesvaraya

 Sir M Visvesvaraya was and Indian Engineer and Scientist born in 15 September 1861 Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapura District of Karnataka State. He was awarded with the Bharat Ratna for his work and contribution for the society in 1955.

Sir Visvesvaraya died 12 April 1962 (aged 100) Bangalore, Karnataka, India

A weekend gateway

This is a perfect place to spend your weekend. There are time when there is nothing to do on weekends and we only sit and get bored at home. This museum gives you the an experience remember and makes you dive into your High School days, so get up and have this treat.


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