Visualizing All Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar Against Different Teams

Everyone is a fan of him, so am I. Now since I understand some HTML and JavaScript I thought of creating something nice for the Master Blaster. After a long thinking I came up with an idea to showcase all the glory Sachin and his fans have lived over the years, so and I decided to come up with a few different ways of showing the stats in a graphical way but it has to be nice too. Following are the one I came up with.

Scatter Chart of centuries over the years

Scatter Chart for Sachins Centuries
Scatter chart Sachin’s Centuries over the years

Click HERE for interactive graph. This one shows how he started hitting tons from 1990 and ket gooing till the very end 2012. The orange dots represent the centruies scored in ODIs ans the green ones are for the Test matches. The vertical axis is for marking the runs he made on that particular century, while the horizontal axis show the years. To get the details about any particular century simply take the mouse to any of the dots and you will find the info.


Bubble Chart For Centuries Against Each Team

Centuries against countries/teams
Centuries against countries/teams

Click HERE for this interactive graph. The picture above shows the number of centuries scored by Sachin againt each country. Bigger the image size, higher the number of centuries against that team. Again, in case you are interested in some more facts, take your mouse to any of the circle and you will get the details about ODIs vs Test tons.


PIE Chart for Winning Percentage when Scored a Century

Winning percentage when Sachin scored century
Winning percentage when Sachin scored century

Use this link for Interactive Graph of this visualization. The above graph is for those who used to blame him saying: “Whenever Sachin makes a 100, India looses”. Well people get your facts checked here. This graph shows we have been winning more whenever he scored a hundred be it ODIs or Tests.

Hope people like it. LATER…

P.S.: Sacchhiiiinnnn…. Sacchhiinn…


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