Selecting DOM elements by text with JavaScript

A custom JavaScript solution for selecting DOM elements by the some specified text they contain.


How to effectively attach eventListeners to DOM elements

Anonymous functions are great way to quickly get the job done, but can be a huge problem when used carelessly. It is especially when attaching eventListeners to DOM elements. Take the code below for example. Here we are attaching an eventListner to the element for the "click" event. Now, later lets say for some reason … Continue reading How to effectively attach eventListeners to DOM elements

Why Software Developers Amuse Me

Being a Software Developer I know how slow and counter productive developers get with time. Its not that we don't get time to meet the deadline(although exceptions are always there), it is just our thought of thinking ourselves as highly efficient and over qualified. We always hate testers since they put us back to work … Continue reading Why Software Developers Amuse Me

Better use of Memoization JavaScript

Referring to the post Generating Unique Strings (Ids) in JavaScript where we looked at how to generate unique strings in JavaScript. Also I mentioned the performance and memory issues with the approach. So, here we are going to look a much better use or application of Memoization, but we won't be using it for generating unique strings. We will be … Continue reading Better use of Memoization JavaScript

Two Dimensional Arrays in JavaScript

JavaScript does not provide any direct notion of creating multi dimensional arrays as provided by languages like, C and Java. But there are ways to solve this problem and create a multi dimensional array. Below we are trying to create a two dimensional array. The idea is simple and can be applied to create arrays … Continue reading Two Dimensional Arrays in JavaScript

Best Resources For Web Developers and Learners

As a Web Developer I have come across some of the best online resources(blogs and websites from very good developers and Organizations) for Self Learners and Enthusiasts about web development. The list starts here: 1.) John Resig: You definitely don't want to miss his book Secrets of the JS Ninja 2.) MDN: Every … Continue reading Best Resources For Web Developers and Learners