Handling The Junk Code

While writing applications most of us have the bad habit to abandon few pieces of code here and there in the process of optimization and performance tuning. Few lines of codes get completely replace by better ones and few need little tweaks here and there though, there is a good amount of code which is replaced by … Continue reading Handling The Junk Code


Element not clickable at point Selenium Webdriver

Issue: Element not clickable at point (x, y) Reason: This issue normally occurs if the target element is not clickable, which means that the element is not in the state of user interaction. This is due to the following reason A.) Element is in list and is currently not in the view-able area of the … Continue reading Element not clickable at point Selenium Webdriver

Handling tinyMCE editor with Selenium Webdriver

Here is how to use Selenium Webdriver with tinyMCE: The tinyMCE editor creates its own iframe, so before selenium is able to perform any task or action on it, it has to first switch the control to the iframe and then start execution. Here is how to switch this: // Select the iframe driver.switchTo().frame("yourtxtarea_ifr"); // … Continue reading Handling tinyMCE editor with Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Page Interactions and Actions API

Interactions A Note Before Interactions Slow Network Connections are evil for Selenium Since right the after the statement to load the page the element is not displayed, because the page might not have been loaded fully depending upon the network connection speed. If this is the case then the best way to deal with this … Continue reading Selenium Page Interactions and Actions API

Installing testlink in Ubuntu

We will go step by step for installing the testlink. We will assume that PHP, mySQL and apache server are already installed. Download testlink from Sourceforge. After downloading the testlink, extract it with following command:tar zxvf your_testlink_file_name.tar.gzThis will create a folder with same name. You can rename it to testlink with the following command: mv your_testlink_dir … Continue reading Installing testlink in Ubuntu

Selenium Element Selectors

To perform operations and tasks on webpage and or elements of the page, the selenium script requires to be aware of the element on which the operation is to be performed. Selenium provides a range of element selection method for that purpose. We will be looking at the most commonly used ones. Selectors Selenium generally selects … Continue reading Selenium Element Selectors

Simple Selenium Webdriver Example in Java

After Setting up the environment we can now go ahead and write some sample code. We will be using Java for this purpose. Take a look at the code example below and afterwards we will try to understand the working import org.junit.After; import org.junit.Before; import org.junit.Test; import java.util.regex.Pattern; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import static org.hamcrest.CoreMatchers.*; import org.openqa.selenium.*; import … Continue reading Simple Selenium Webdriver Example in Java

Setup Environment For Selenium

Goals/Requirements Before starting to setup things lets lets clearify our requirements for the setup and the course We want to be able to write Selenium scripts but not individual scripts, but with a more organized and robust structure We will be using Java as the main programming language for writing the scripts, so the latest jdk … Continue reading Setup Environment For Selenium